Power-Flushing Maintenance

Power Flushing radiatorAll boiler manufacturers recommend that your old heating system, pipework and hot water tank should be flushed prior to any new boiler or appliance being installed. In fact, if this is not carried out and you need to make a claim during the warranty period the warranty will be void. So it is very important that this work is carried out by a professional with the correct equipment.

What is Power-Flushing

Power-flushing is a quick way to eliminate all sludge, debris, magnetite and all those nasties that block your pipework, radiators and boilers.
We offer this service which involves connection of the Power-flushing unit complete with magnets to your system, either at the boiler, radiator or even through your existing pump valves. The system is then flushed with chemicals for a minimum of 2 hours (up to 4 hours max). During this period the system is backwashed and flushed many times with fresh water to ensure all debris leaves the system.
After the flushing procedure is completed the system is re-filled with fresh water and an inhibitor is added to protect the system from future deterioration.

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